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You don't even have to leave your house to attend a free educational seminar with Dr. Derek Weiss.  In our online seminar, you will learn the facts about obesity and why bariatric surgery is a recommended treatment option.  We will provide information about  risks and benefits, lifestyle changes, diet and exercise. You’ll see animation of our surgical procedures, and take a short quiz to ensure that you've retained the information you need to assist you in making the choices ahead of you.  From the home page, click on the picture of our two surgeons and complete the registration form.  From there you will be taken to the online seminar.  When you finish the seminar, click on submit, then complete the patient information e-forms.  No travel, no mail, no phone calls needed!  Once we recieve your registration form, your passing seminar score and your patient information e-forms, we will begin the evaluation process.  You should recieve a call from us in about 2 weeks to schedule your first appointment. 

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