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Weight Loss Surgery Lexington

After surgery follow-up appointments are very important; not just to your successful weight loss but to your health.  We will do lab work periodically to evaluate your blood count, kidney function, liver function, vitamin and nutrition levels and more. Follow-up for band patients is the key to successful weight loss because a band that isn't filled appropriately isn't a good tool for weight loss.  Your first follow-up appointment with Bluegrass Bariatric Surgical Associates will be made for you before your leave the hospital or surgery center.  

 We also require patients to see their primary care physician and any specialists such as the cardiologist (heart doctor), or endocrinologist (diabetes doctor) within one month after the date of surgery.  Your medication needs can change very quickly after surgery, and these doctors are the ones who will manage those medications.

A follow-up or post-op nutrition plan is also very important to your success.  When you come home from surgery,  follow the diet in your patient manual.  If you have questions about the post-op diet, please call our office or bring your questions to the follow-up appointment.  You can also ask diet questions via email by contacting Jenny Martin at  If you need to see a registered dietitian after surgery, we can assist you with that as well.