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Please read carefully and bring this entire packet to your INTAKE DAY appointment. 

Arrive at our facility on ______________________at_____________am. Bring healthy snacks and drinks which may be eaten after your lab work and resting metabolic rate test.  LUNCH BREAK IS NOT GUARANTEED. PLEASE DO NOT BRING FAST FOOD.


BBSA: $250 (1/2 of program fee) + specialists co-pay
CBH: Lab co-pay $10 (Self-pay labs $225-$275) + Nutrition Evaluation $21.80
Clinical Psychologist: Specialists co-pay (if covered) or self-pay rate of $295

A psychological evaluation is required. If you are currently under the care of a mental health professional, please ask them to write an approval letter for your decision to have bariatric surgery. If you are not under the care of a mental health professional you may see Dr. Brown, Clinical Psychologist on intake day. Please complete the enclosed registration form for Dr. Brown if you will be seeing him. Dr. Brown is an independent psychologist and is not on staff with Baptist Health Lexington. 

Medicaid will not pay Dr. Brown. Medicaid will pay a psychiatrist but we do not have a psychiatrist in this office. 

1. You must fast (not eat or drink) after midnight the night before this appointment.
2. Bring all medications currently being taken (prescriptions and over the counter meds) in their original containers.
3. You will receive a personalized insurance form from BBSA explaining your benefits and the approval process.

4. You will receive an estimation of your financial obligation to CBH for your deductible, out of pocket and/or co –pays due 2 weeks prior to surgery.

To cancel call 859-543-1577; the day of your appointment call 859-263-2022